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Can I incorporate this equipment into my current lesson package?

As qualified teaching professionals, we will help you to incorporate a results-based approach into your current teaching style. Our staff will work with you at your course or provide the training necessary to make sure you are proficient with all the best tools.

Do I need to be a Golf Professional to use these tools?

Golfers of all abilities will benefit from our feel vs. real approach. From the first time golfer to the PGA pro our systems are precise and easy to use. By offering a results-based approach golfers can now benchmark their progress and track their pathway to game improvement.

Do I need to be tech savvy to enjoy my golf experience?

Absolutely not! Our golf technology is selected based on both user feedback and ease of use. Our qualified staff will demonstrate how easy the touch screen is to use during game play and will help to operate the training tools during lessons and training sessions.

How accurate is the equipment?

The Trackman is the only shot detection system that measures full flight to within a foot of accuracy over 400 yards. Our indoor shot detection system uses hundreds of data sets to provide the most accurate indoor system available. The K-VEST wireless motion system reveals precise kinetics in degrees, while the Weight Right and GASP systems provide the most accurate multiple perspective high speed video and weight shift and patterns.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, simply purchase a Membership or Member’s Card by contacting us online, by calling 519-342-3904, or filling out this form and dropping it off at Golf Without Limits. Membership does have its privileges – book 3 days in advance, receive discounts and special promotions, use the best training equipment, store your clubs(80$ charge), and golf all year long!

How does instant feedback make it easier to understand my golf swing?

Rather than a try this-try that approach to instruction, our approach makes understanding the swing as easy as obeying a stoplight. Adjust your position until your “on-screen image” turns green and you will feel what its like to achieve the proper position. Experience the feel vs. real phenomenon and never guess again!