Our mission is to grow the game of golf into a year-round activity by offering state of the art performance and entertainment opportunities to golfers of all abilities.

Why play with us?

Because we use the best PGA Tour Simulators!!!


How does 3Trak work?

3Trak begins gathering club data as the club approaches the ball, and begins gathering ball data at the moment of impact. High-speed, 3D cameras gather images of the ball and the club at up to 2300 frames per second. The images provide direct measurements on extensive data related to the ball and club, providing useful information for instruction and improvement. The measurements are also used in conjunction with true-trajectory physics to accurately replicate the shot — regardless of its speed, direction or shape.

3Trak has been tested by many of the best names in golf and is consistently praised for its superior accuracy:

3Trak rivals our own proprietary Callaway Performance Analysis System in terms of accuracy, robustness and versatility for golf ball launch measurement.

-Jeff Colton, Callaway Golf

How does 3Trak compare?

Advantages of 3Trak as compared to other “machine vision” systems and radar systems:

  • 3Trak requires less than one meter of ball flight to gather relevant data
  • 3Trak is flexible enough to impose virtually no restrictions on the environment in which it is placed
  • 3Trak gathers accurate data on all types of shots, including high loft and extreme hooks & slices
  • 3Trak provides both ball and club data, rather than one or the other
  • 3Trak can track shots at virtually any speed because data is gathered beginning at the point of impact
  • 3Trak collects image data at 2x the rate of many machine vision systems
  • 3Trak is engineered for consistent optical resolution and field of view, resulting in up to a 10x advantage in shot recreation accuracy
  • 3Trak collects all data within a monolithic calibration volume, meaning it has sufficient detail to detect all measurements of spin accurately – tracking even an over spin shot accurately
  • 3Trak treats the tee as a valid 3D position from which the golfer hits the ball, so the play experience is seamless
  • 3Trak data integrates and time syncs with balance and video data

Our team thrives on providing a golf experience second to none by consistently delivering on our core values:

  • We provide outstanding customer service.
  • We consider every handshake a great opportunity.
  • We are always learning from each other and from our clients, while searching for better ways to deliver service and encourage support.
  • We focus on the needs of our communities and give whenever possible.
  • We exhibit leadership by being accountable, treating others with respect, extending trust and being trustworthy.
  • We love golf and want to grow the game we love through each positive interaction with our organization.
  • We remain positive on our journey to happiness and above all, we have fun!

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